Jacky Ramchandani (Founder & CEO)

“I believe that the best products combine four major components: luxurious fabrics, perfect fit, immaculate details, and value for customers”  Jacky Ramchandani.

Jacky Ramchandani, founder of Danini men’s wear grew up in a business-oriented family in India. With roots in the Caribbean and Hong Kong, Jacky grew up with natural entrepreneurial instincts, a defined vision, and a deep passion to offer the best in products and services.

“I was always into men’s fashion wear,” says Jacky who left for Jamaica at the young age of seventeen to make a name for himself. He started from the ground up as an assistant in a jewellery store and quickly rose on his own merit to the retail store manager. In 1998, he gained enough knowledge and confidence to venture out on his own to launch a successful shopping plaza.

In 2014, Jacky migrated to Canada in the quest for a better future for his family and to diversify his business. Danini was born in 2017 as a proudly Canadian brand to offer a premium line of men’s fashion wear. Our signature finishes combine four major components: perfect fit, luxurious fabrics, immaculate details, and competitive prices.

Lalit Ramchandani  (President)

Lalit Ramchandani is the President of Danini Men’s Wear, a role in which he combines years of experience in the fashion industry with a deep passion for delivering the best in men’s fashion.

Under his guidance, Danini Men’s Wear has evolved into a brand known for its commitment to impeccable style and quality.

Lalit’s vision and dedication continue to shape the company’s success.

Mala Ramchandani  (Co-Owner & Vice President)

Meet Mala, the co-owner and vice president of Danini Men’s Wear, a woman of grace and business acumen. With a keen eye for detail and a heart set on excellence, Mala has been instrumental in weaving the fabric of Danini’s legacy.

Her journey, marked by determination and innovation, mirrors the elegance and quality of Danini’s collection. Mala believes that every piece of clothing is not just a product, but an experience, a belief that has shaped Danini’s ethos of quality and luxury.

Under her watchful eye, every stitch and design element is a testament to a commitment to excellence. Mala’s leadership ensures that Danini isn’t just a brand, but a story of passion, quality, and unwavering commitment to elegance. Every shirt is a chapter of this exciting journey, echoing the grace and innovation that Mala embodies.

Ishan Ramchandani (Head of Marketing and Sales)

Meet Ishan, the youngest dynamo of the Danini team, currently balancing the dual roles of student and budding business leader. With a blend of fresh energy and innovative insights, Ishan leads marketing and sales, inspired by the legacy of craftsmanship instilled by his father, Jacky. Together, they are weaving a narrative where each shirt tells a story of luxury and style.

Despite his young age and the demands of academia, Ishan’s grasp of market trends and audience engagement is profound. He’s not just selling shirts; he’s curating an experience where every piece echoes the meticulous craftsmanship and affordability that Danini stands for.

In the world of Danini, Ishan is the bridge between timeless legacy and modern elegance, ensuring that every campaign resonates with the contemporary yet classic vibe that the brand embodies. Every strategy is a testament to the fresh, youthful energy Ishan brings to the table, making Danini not just a brand, but a lifestyle.