The Ultimate Guide To Men’s Fashion Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are like a good pair of jeans: versatile and essential to any man’s wardrobe. Perfect for the gentleman, polo shirts are a common sight on golf courses, tennis courts, and beaches around the world. A nice polo shirt can be dressed up or down, but an ill-fitting polo shirt is a pretty sure way to ruin any outfit. Oversized or too-small polo shirts can make men look shorter (and heavier) than they actually are—a major fashion faux pas. In this article, we’ll walk you through sizing basics and explore the question of how a good polo shirt should fit.

Slim but not too tight for the body
Polo shirts for men should be a snug fit, not too tight and not too loose, with no overhang at the shoulder seam. A great way to ensure you are wearing a polo shirt that fits perfectly is to take a few measurements of your torso. Measure from the collar of your shirt, down to your chest, and then around your body at the widest point, usually the belly button or just below it.

The neck and collar
The size of a collar is not something you should pay too much attention to, as they are pretty standard across all brands. Instead, focus on the buttons. First, make sure that the shirt looks good with two or three buttons left unbuttoned. You don’t want the polo to lay fully flat on your chest; instead, it should move when left unbuttoned. Next, make sure that the buttons themselves are of good quality. The last thing you want is for them to pop off after the first wash.

Sleeve info
The sleeves of your polo shirt shouldn’t be so tight that it’s squeezing your biceps. They should sit around the middle of your arm and lightly hug them. If you have thin arms, you might want to opt for a ribbed band at the end of the sleeves – that way they’ll look tighter than they are. You might also want to avoid embroidered sleeves. Ultimately, you want to get a polo shirt with the right sleeve length. You want a shirt with just the right amount of room for movement. Too much and you look sloppy. Too little and you look constricted.

Right Length
When shopping for men’s polo shirts, you should also pay careful attention to the length of the shirt. Polos are often too long for men under 5′ 9″, but not when you shop at DANINI. when buying a polo shirt, you want the length of the shirt to go past your waistband, but no further than mid-fly. If you’ll be doing a lot of physical activity or exercise while in your polo shirt, like golfing or other athletic activity, it’s acceptable to go longer, as this prevents showing your stomach when reaching for things. Although most designers are now getting rid of tails, some shirts of your older polos may still have them. In these cases, make sure the tail of the shirt is no more than two inches longer than the front.

Wardrobe with Polos
Once you find a shirt that fits, it’s time to give the wardrobe of your dreams a boost. Dress yourself head-to-toe in polos from DANINI. Our selection of men’s polo shirts is designed for every man’s style, from high-end casual wear to casual basics. With short and long-sleeve polos available in a variety of colours and patterns, DANINI is a great place to start building your polo shirt collection. Dive into the variety of fabrics and styles in our clothing selection. From super breathable polo shirts that are perfect for the golf course to trendy, patterned polos that are perfect for BBQs and outdoor events, the point is, if you only own white, gray, and black polo shirts, you’re doing it wrong. Mix things up with short sleeve or long sleeve options and don’t be afraid to take some risks with your clothing. With free returns and exchanges within 30 days on most items, it’s a pretty risk-free place to start, too. The classic DANINI out polo shirt. A loose fit in the front & back and crafted from high-quality fabric that breathes whether you’re on the outside or just hanging out. Danini’s this blog ” The Ultimate Guide To Men’s Fashion Polo Shirts” helps a lot to choose Polo. Visit for online orders and explore more men’s clothing.