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Do you prefer to buy unbranded dress shirts from thrift stores or unknown outlets? Watch out! Saving a few dollars can cost you and the environment in unexpected ways. Low-priced fabrics are often lower-grade in quality as well. They may be easy on your wallet but rough on your skin, especially if you are prone to allergies or breakouts. Fabrics that are not biodegradable can also adversely affect the environment.

At Danini, we are conscious of the fabrics we choose for our luxurious range of dress shirts, sports shirts, sweaters and polo knitwear. We make sure our products meet the highest standards of compliance, comfort and safety. Below is a list of the safest, most hypoallergenic fabrics that are gentle both on your skin and the environment.

  1. Cotton: Pure cotton is best for all ages. You will seldom contract allergic reactions or skin irritation when you wear cotton shirts. This is because organic cotton is grown without toxic, synthetic chemicals. Cotton fabrics are breathable, comfortable and keep moisture away from the skin. As a result, you enjoy year-round comfort. Please note that high-quality cotton must have creases. Higher the thread count, better is the quality. For luxurious shirts that feel as good as they look, Egyptian cotton which has a high thread count (160 to 220), is one of the best.
  2. Linen: Linen is made of the strong, durable fibres of the flax plant. It looks elegant and wears well after washes. High-quality linen has a tendency to crease and feels stiff but is breathable, safe and comfortable on your skin.
  3. Twill: Twill is strung in an attractive diagonal weave, making the fabric strong, durable and elegant. Denim, herringbone, houndstooth and cavalry are popular twill fabrics for dress shirts. Twill is heavier than cotton but is lightweight, soft and drapes well. It is easy to iron, wrinkle-resistant and wears well for years.
  4. Hemp: Industrial hemp is stronger than cotton and lasts longer. It is a practical, durable, bacteria-resistant fabric and provides UV protection from the sun. Hemp holds colour effectively and softens with use. It grows well without chemical fertilizers or pesticides and doesn’t deplete the soil of essential nutrients. 
  5. Recycled Polyester: Polyester feels smooth on your skin and is one of the most versatile fabrics because it is wrinkle-resistant, easy to wash and dry. However, it is not always eco-friendly or hypoallergenic. What you should look for instead is recycled polyester that uses recycled plastic to transform into rip-resistant, high-performance fabrics that lower carbon footprint.
  6. Wool – Natural wool is warm and fire-resistant, making apparel made from the natural fibre extremely durable and high-performance. They are stretchable, biodegradable and easily renewable since wool grows on sheep. Coarse wool can be rough on your skin, hence it is important to choose higher quality such as wool from merino sheep.
  7. Poplin: Cool, comfortable, fine and lightweight, poplin is a favourite fabric for shirts. However, it is relatively thinner, slightly transparent and wrinkles in its unironed state. Once ironed, the fabric looks crisp and elegant, hence is well-suited for office wear.

Danini Dress Shirts: High-Quality, High-Performance Luxurious Fabrics

The world of fabrics can be overwhelming, making it hard for you to pick the right dress shirts. This is why it pays to rely on trusted, internationally approved brands.

At Danini, we source only high-quality, high-performance fabrics from the world’s best manufacturers. Twill is our signature fabric while fine Egyptian cotton is popularly used for our dress shirts. Browse our website to select the best shirts at affordable prices or simply call to make an informed choice.