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The global pandemic is rapidly changing the world and our shopping habits with it. As brick and mortar stores increasingly close doors, e-commerce gains new ground, taking consumers online. However, not everyone is comfortable or knowledgeable about online shopping.

For the fashion industry, the challenge is twice-fold. How do you shop for a dress shirt, designer shirts, or men’s long sleeve shirts without physically seeing them before you? How do you know the difference between high quality and mediocre finishes? How can you choose the fabric without touching, checking out design options, or knowing how they look on you?

Danini is a new name in premium men’s fashion shirts that’s rapidly leading the fashion industry with an impressive lineup of dress shirts, casual wear, sportswear, and more. Our website is artfully designed to make online shopping simple and secure. Allow us to show you the way.

How E-Commerce Works

Here is the good news! The business model of online shopping is not much different than shopping in retail outlets. The advantage is that you don’t leave your couch or spend on transport. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to choose a high-quality, perfectly fitted shirt.

  1. Check the brand: A good e-commerce website clearly mentions the brand name and helps you browse through each section easily, just like a retail store does. Make sure you choose a reliable name such as Danini that follows ethical practices and puts customers first.
  2. Product details: The product images, description, price, and buying process must be clearly featured. For any help, you must be able to talk to an assistant just like you do in a retail store.
  3. Check dimensions: A size chart displaying different dimensions must be visible. The website must present options in each category to help you select the right one for you.
  4. Free Return Policy: A designer shirt may look fitted on one person but floppy on another. This is why a free return policy within a certain time period is mandatory.
  5. Click to Select: To select your pick, check the box next to the shirt of your choice and add it to the shopping cart. Ready to pay? Simply head for the payment options. 
  6. Payment: Good brands offer a range of payment options from Visa to Paypal, Mastercard, and others. 
  7. Personal Details: Enter your home address, order number, note down the tracking number and accept the terms and conditions of services before you pay.
  8. BackTrack: If you have any hesitations to order at this stage, ethical brands redirect you right back to the home-page.
  9. Authentication of Customer: If you are ready to proceed, the transaction will include an authentication process to verify your identity by asking for a password and CVV code. 
  10. Shipping and Delivery: Delivery time depends from company to company. COVID19 has slowed down delivery for many companies.
    At Danini, we make delivery easy by shipping across North America for free.

Perfect Measurements for the Perfect Fit

Shirt Size

Before you browse for dress shirts online, make sure you have measured yourself. Shirt sizes differ from company to company and sizes are often labelled by different names. How do you choose between a “Large” and  “Medium,”  “Slim Fit” or “Contemporary Fit”? 

It’s best to get measured by a professional tailor but since the pandemic demands social distancing, it’s safer to ask a family member to do the honours at this time. Stand straight and avoid drawing in your gut or the fitting will be uncomfortable.

  • Note down the measurement of your shoulders. 
  • Note your waist size, chest, collar, and sleeve length in inches. 
  • Coordinate with the size chart when you are ready to buy 

Danini Men’s Fashion Shirts – Our Details make the Difference

sport shirt

At Danini, we ensure that your online shopping experience is as simple and seamless as in-store. Our well-designed, easy to navigate website helps you browse through an impressive collection of high-quality men’s shirts with ease. For any help, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance in the chatbox. Shipping is quick, contactless, and absolutely free in the USA and Canada. Check out our website to learn more.