Dress shirts are what men wear to weddings, job interviews, dates, and other formal events. Over the years, dress shirts have become a mainstay in men’s fashion, as they are appropriate for sunny days at the beach as well as romantic evenings. However, dress shirts can also be the bread and butter of your everyday looks.

  1. Shirt Color That Matches Your Skin Tone

2.  More Texture = Less Formal: The texture in a fabric is intimately tied with its formality. As we delve into it, the more texture on the fabric then the more casual it is. I have done some research and came up with this neat side-by-side comparison of fabric types vs. formality.

3. Choose the perfect pattern: Textures and patterns fit into a similar plane when it comes to formal and casual wear – the more visible it is, the more casual the shirt.

4. Choose the perfect fit.