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A good dress shirt should last you years in the best condition. The last thing you need is discolouration from an unsightly stain. In humid weather conditions or stuffy venues such as nightclubs, it is not always easy to prevent moisture or food stains from leaving marks on the fabric. When the shirt is snug, chances of sweat stains are more likely.

To avoid unsightly marks on your favourite dress shirts, it is important to pick the right fit and breathable fabrics. It is equally important to know how to take good care of the material while washing and ironing so they serve you well for years. Here are a few tips from our fabric experts at Danini men’s wear.

6 Tips to Keep your Dress Shirt Clean and Crisp

  1. Pick the right brand: May we remind you that the label you choose makes a big difference in shirt maintenance. High-quality fabrics look good as new for years. Lower quality may cost you less but tend to wear out after a few washes.
  2. Check shirt cleaning instructions: Not all high-end garments require dry-cleaning. Good dress shirts can be easily machine washed at home. Just take care to separate the white fabrics from the coloured.
  3. Hand-wash delicate fabrics: It’s best to hand-wash delicate fabrics. Simply fill a clean wash-tub basin with lukewarm water. Add a mild detergent that’s designed for delicate fabrics and soak the shirts for twenty to thirty minutes or longer (depending on the severity of the stain). Avoid scrubbing or vigorous rubbing. Rinse in clean, cool water, paying special attention to the neckline, collars and cuff.
  4. Spot-clean stains with a stain-remover: Pre-treat strong stains such as blood, ink or food marks with a reliable stain-remover. Never leave stains sitting on the shirt for long. Wet the discoloured spots with warm water as soon as possible, apply stain-remover with a stain brush, submerge the garment in water for a few hours and wash off with detergent. Let the dress shirt air-dry on a clothing rack to avoid stretching. Alternately, get them cleaned at a professional dry cleaning service.
  5. Machine-washing: If your dress-shirt is not stained, they can be machine-washed easily at home. Wash white shirts and light colours separately from coloured fabrics. Mesh washing bags protect the buttons and fabrics from getting ripped or damaged in the machine. Front-loading washing machines work best for dress shirts. Select the “delicate” or “gentle” wash setting, use warm water and cool rinse setting. Avoid machine drying to prevent hard-to-iron wrinkles or dry partially in the dryer.
  6. Iron while damp: Dress shirts are better ironed while damp. A steam-iron removes creases easily or spritz the shirt with a starch-spray to keep it crisp and clean. Iron the collar and cuffs first before moving the iron over the body. Avoid folding and hang up your dress shirt in your closet instead.
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The best way to care for a dress shirt is by picking the right label. Check out our vast collection of luxurious dress shirts at  Danini, crafted from high-quality fabrics that look good as new even after several washes over months and years. Follow our sizing guide to select a made-to-measure fits. Feel free to contact any of our friendly staff for queries or orders.