How to Buy a Perfect Dress Shirt for Men?

DANINI’s men’s shirts collections are all about best fit. This means we’ve considered everything from measurements to fabrics, constructions to details, all to ensure only the finest quality and the best fitting shirts for our customers. So if you’re on a mission to find fitted men’s shirts, you’ve come to the right place!

  1. Shoulders: A dress shirt’s shoulder seam should fall right above your shoulder. If the seam is moving down your arm, that shirt’s too big for you (not to mention it’s probably from a mass brand). If the shoulder seam lies slightly above the top of your shoulders, it means that the shirt is too small.
  2. Collar(Neck): A collar size is a distance from buttonhole to button when laid flat. The range often is between 14 and 18 inches. A collar should be able to fit snug with two fingers in the front—more than that and it’s too loose, less. As a rule of thumb, you should wear the correct size dress shirt collar and then adjust the rest of the shirt to match it. In other words, the collar shouldn’t be too big or too small.
  1. Chest: To find a dress shirt that fits well, put it on and button the top two buttons. If the fabric stretches or wrinkles, the shirt’s too big; if the fabric is taut without straining, then it fits.
  1. Armhole: When it comes to the cut of a shirt, you’re paying for how well it contours to your body. A good armhole should create a tapered feel under your arm, yet leave a full range of motion. Many Shirt making companies with S, M, L (Small to Large) sizing cut their armholes big. If the fabric is hanging under your arms, the shirt probably doesn’t fit you well.
  1. Body/waist: When buying a men’s dress shirt, make sure that it tapers from the chest to the waist. A great fitted shirt often has two vertical back darts centred over the small of your back, which allows the shirt to taper at the waist.
  1. Sleeve: A well-fitted shirt should have a tapered sleeve that closely follows the shape of your arm. When buttoned, the cuff should fall right at the base of your thumb. Just like your chest, your arms should fill out the sleeves of your in a way that doesn’t leave excess fabric.
  1. Length: The right shirt length is easy to find–just look for the longest part of your shirt and make sure it finishes at your belt buckle. The perfect length should meet or slightly exceed the top of your belt so that when you wear the shirt untucked, you don’t look like you’re falling out of it.

One sign that your shirt is too short is if it rides up when you raise your arms higher than the level of your shoulders. Another sign is if the tails pop out from your pants when you tuck them in. With the help of this blog, get to know how to buy a dress shirt for men?