Selecting a color combination for clothing can be an overwhelming process. This is because the options can be endless. At Danini, there are literally hundreds of different colors available, and depending on your own personal style, you may or may not like all of them. To help make nailing the right color combination easy, we’ve created this comprehensive guide to color that will give you the insight you need for creating outfits you will surely love.

The color wheel

The color wheel is a useful tool to choose colors that will complement one another. By helping identify complementary and related hues, it can act as a very rough guide on what colors look great together.

A study of texture and form can be traced in the color wheel. Complementary colors, which are opposite on the wheel offer a balanced contrast. Split complementary colors are often used in their place. Analogous colors are next to one another on the wheel, meaning they have similar tones and blend well together. Triadic colors are made up of 3 equally spaced hues and can be used to create an interesting contrast. When used correctly, they can deliver a stunning visual impact.

Combinations with Navy

When wearing navy, it’s best to avoid black as it can make your overall look appear overly dark. Instead, use white or beige to lift your appearance. For example, a white shirt with a navy suit looks clean and classic and will always be a winning combination. Soft pink can also lift navy while light shades of blue provide a gentle blend of similar tones.’

Our favourites: Navy Blue Floral Sprinkle on White,

Navy Blue Micro Diamonds on Deep Blue Sports Shirt,

Navy Blue Buttons on Off- White Linen Sport Shirt,

Navy Blue Trim on White Knit Shirt,

Combinations with Burgundy

Burgundy can appear seriously stylish, especially when it’s paired with the right parts of an outfit. Just like wearing white or black isn’t an issue, using burgundy successfully on a daily basis isn’t complicated either. When it comes to pairing burgundy with other colors, there are a few rules you should follow. For example, navy often complements it well because the combination creates a timeless look. However, neutrals, such as black, white, grey, and even brown can make for a great combination as well.

Our favourites:

White Polka Dots on Deep Retro Burgundy Sport Shirts

Pale Blue, Pink Centred Burgundy Circles Sport Shirt

Blue, Burgundy Floral Splash on Light Blue Sport Shirt

Pink and Beige Floral on Burgundy Short Sleeve Modern Fit Shirt


Combinations with Green

Green is a dynamic color, and it’s a great option for your wardrobe. The trick is to choose the right shade. Dark green tones, as well as olive and khaki, are some of the most flattering colors for men. It is important to keep your green garments in mind when designing outfits or accessories. Certain colors, like black and white, will complement your green apparel well. Winter tones can also be an excellent option, particularly browns and burgundies, navy, and other dark shades of blue.

Our favourites:

Green Blue Micro-Checks Dress Shirt

Pink Floral and Lime Green Stripes on White Sport Shirt

Combinations with Brown

A variety of shades are available in brown. Light browns offer a subtle appearance and pairs well with other lighter colors, such as white, silver, cream, blue. From tans to taupes to chocolate browns – the color and texture of leather changes with each shade. Similarly, deep brown colors tend to pair well with other rich colors like black burgundy, navy, or midnight.

Our favourites:

Blue, Brown Floral Splash on White Long Sleeve Sport Shirt

Brown Grid with Blue Splash on White Long Sleeve Sport Shirt

Navy, Brown Micro Dragonflies on White Long Sleeve Sport Shirt VMP4

Dense Blue, White and Brown Microdots Long Sleeve Sport Shirt

Blue-Brown Dotted Trim on Deep Blue Long Sleeve Sport Shirt

Combinations with Grey

To pair grey with a contrasting color, consider the shade of grey you’re using. Light greys often go well with white and light blues; dark greys can look good contrasting against dark colors, including black and burgundy.

Grey Star Flowers on Charcoal Grey

Blue Micro Floral on Grey Long Sleeve Sport Shirt

Grey Tonal Grid with Contrast Trim Long Sleeve Sport Shirt

Ink Blue Shaded Floral on Grey Short Sleeve Modern Fit Short Sleeve Shirt

Rust and Grey Fusion on White Short Sleeve Modern Fit Short Sleeve Shirt

Crimson-Grey Leaves on Deep Charcoal Short Sleeve Modern Fit Short Sleeve Shirt