About Our Company Best Men’s Wear Shirts

Fashion Studio 21, which is a 🇨🇦 Proud Canadian 🇨🇦 company, being primarily into the business of men’s shirts to begin with, its major brand ‘DANINI’ is making a name for itself. The brand offers a wide array of products with various colors and fabrics to suit the demands of men with diverse tastes in different occasions.

Jacky Ramchandani (President)

Jacky Ramchandani is the founder of DANINI.

In an early stage of his career, he acted as a retail manager in a family owned business during 1994-98.
He started his own business in the Caribbean in 1998.

Jacky Ramchandani has been in the wholesale and trade business since then.
Moved by his penchant for business, he formed a new company, DANINI, having its head office at Mississauga in Ontario, Canada.