Times are changing. Fashion is no more about just trendy new designs but also eco-friendly selections to avoid landfills piling up more than they already have. Every year, millions of tons of used clothing clogs landfills in North America. Discarded fabrics take no less than two hundred years to decompose. Did you know that poisonous methane gas emitting from these fabrics is more harmful to human health and the environment than carbon?

Select your garments with care. Eco-friendly clothing choices do not leave a large environmental footprint. Make sure your shirts and sweaters are of high-quality natural fabrics that last years in good condition.

At Danini, we are excited to present our elegant new collection of turtlenecks, v-necks, lightweight merino wool sweaters and blended knits that are manufactured with the best quality natural fibres that look good as new for decades if they are cared for well. Below are a few tips to do so:

● Invest in durable knitwear: Always select nothing less than the best merino sheep wool or cashmere goat’s wool sweaters. These have the strongest, most durable fibres, feel softest, and last longest. Synthetic blends such as polyester, nylon and rayon knitwear are cheaper but do not last as long and are prone to damage after washing.

●  Classic shades, timeless styles: It helps to have a variety of styles to suit different occasions so they don’t fray easily. Stick with classic colours and timeless designs that stay in fashion for a long time. Invest in several styles that can be rotated frequently to prevent overuse, wear and tear.

●  Pill-removing tools: Natural wool fibres such as cashmere tend to cluster into knots from usage, washing, and friction. As a result, many new sweaters look tired before their time. Don’t be quick to discard your old favourites if the pills pop up. Just remove them gently with pill-removing tools to do the job deftly, without damaging the fabric. There are comb-style motorized pill-removers available, multi-taskers for lint and pill removal, and powerful models with adjustable heads for better grip. Simple de-fuzzing combs do not need a battery and are easier to use.

● Clean with care: Most sweaters don’t need annual cleaning if they have not been worn often enough. Avoid washing at home if you can. Wringing or hanging them to dry can distort their shapes. If you must wash, lay them out flat to air-dry to lengthen their life span. Get the expensive pieces dry-cleaned professionally for the best, long-lasting results.

● Pay attention to the label: Choose a brand that does not source harmful chemicals, dyes, and bleaches. These can cause allergies, rashes or serious skin conditions.

Danini: Sustainable, Sophisticated Sweaters and Knitwear

At Danini, we source the best materials that are gentle on your health and environment. We put people over profit and employ ethical, eco-friendly manufacturing and trade practices so you enjoy our gorgeous collection with a clear conscience.

Choose from relaxed fits, textured feels, low-impact organic knitwear such as merino wool, plush cashmere blends, and super soft turtlenecks, crewnecks, and acrylic knits. Our packaging is not just attractive but also 100% biodegradable. Browse our collection and order before the chill sets in.